7 Ways to Say 'Cat' in Spanish | tell me in spanish (2023)

If you're learning animal vocabulary, most Spanish speakers know itgatois the direct translation of "cat". But they may find themselves in a situation where they want to improve their Spanish vocabulary and have other words to refer to their pets. As a result, they may be wondering how to say "cat" in Spanish.

Depending on the formality of the context and the Spanish-speaking country, here are some common words to say "cat" in Spanish:

  • Gato –Gato
  • Michi-Gato
  • kitten -kitten / kitten
  • My son -kitten / kitten
  • Micifuz –cat kitten
  • miso -Gato
  • Morrongo –Gato

All of these terms are different ways of saying "cat" in Spanish. However, some of these terms are only suitable for casual conversation or are used in some Spanish-speaking countries. Therefore, the following sections provide a description of how and when to use each of these terms.

At the end of this course you will expand your Spanish vocabulary, have different words to say "cat" and be able to describe your affection for your cat.

1. Gato –Gato

as you may already knowgatois the most common way to say "cat" in Spanish. As a result, you can use this word in all Spanish-speaking countries. Something you need to keep in mind is that "cat" in English refers to both male and female cats, while in Spanish you have to choose betweengatoeGata.

What's your namegato?
What is yourGatosName?

The neighbor has onegatoBeautiful
The neighbor has a nice onegato

I take mineGatafor veterinary medicine
I'll get minegatoTo the vet

my sister likes her very muchGatos
my sister likesGatosvery

Tome Note:In Spanish,gatoeGatacan also be used as pejorative adjectives when referring to people. In this case, these words are used to refer to a servant or to express someone being too cheesy or mean.

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2. Kitten/Kittens –kitten / kitten

kittenepurchasedare also standard terms you can use to say “cat” in Spanish. We usually refer to kittens as "gatito" and "gatita". However, they are also used as an affectionate word to refer to cats of all sizes.

Thus, "gatito" and "gatita" can be translated as "gatinho", "gato" or "gatinho" depending on the context. Note that in this case you also use "gatito" for male cats and "gatita" for female cats.

How prettypurchasedTer!
you have a beautifulKitten!

My neighbor's cat had manykitten
My neighbor's cat had manykitten

Did you see how small that is?Kitten?
Did you see how small that is?kittenIt is?

My friend gave me twogatothe persians
My friend gave me two PersiansGatos

3. believe / believe –kitten kitty / kitten

my soneMinaare other Spanish words you can use to say "Gato". While still very popular, these words are a bit more informal and cute than "cat" and "gatito." "Minino" and "Minina" are very affectionate terms. These words can be translated as "kitten," "cat," or "cat kitten."

Come here,my son
Come here,Kitten!

Ma'am, you must take yoursmy sonfor veterinary medicine
Ma'am, you must take yoursgatoTo the vet

I don't like that about youMinaget on us sofas
i don't like yourskittenstay on the couches

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My friends will adopt minekitten
My friends will adopt minekitten

4. Michi –Gato

Currently in Mexico,michihas become the most popular informal word people use to say "cat". "Michi" is very affectionate and very popular on social media, where you can see him sharing cat-related content. However, you can also use this word in your real life conversations.

Unlike other words on this list, "Michi" can apply to female, male, and baby cats. In addition to being popular in Mexico, "Michi" is well known in Peru, and in other Spanish-speaking countries, you'll find the followingvariations:

  • Michín –Colombia
  • Micho –Panama, Ecuador

Did you see the...Michi?
Did you see the...gato?

Paco, feed himmichi
Paco, feed themgato

Wasmichihe likes to sleep in my bed
Meingatolikes to sleep in my bed

Do you know what breed they are?michisfrom Claudia?
Do you know what breed Claudia is?Gatosthey are?

7 Ways to Say 'Cat' in Spanish | tell me in spanish (1)

5. Micifuz –cat kitten

If you want a fun and informal way to say "cat," you can use the wordcom micifusThis slang term can be used both to name your pets and to refer to or talk about cats whose names you don't know.

"Micifuz" is well known in Spanish-speaking countries, but is only suitable for informal conversations. Depending on the context, "micifuz" can be translated as "cat" or "kitten."

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change sandcom micifus
change thatGatossandbox

Micifuz,Come and feed yourself
Kitten,Come here so I can feed you

Did you see what he's doing?with microphone?
did you see somethinggatodoing right now

¿MicifuzDo you have any food or should I bring more?
ÖgatoDo you have any food or should I bring more?

Tome Note:Micifuzis the name of a cat in a famous Spanish poem. This allows this word to be used playfully to call your cat, even if it already has a name. 'Micifuz' can be used for both female and male cats.

6. Morrongo –Gato

MorningIt might not be as popular as other words on this list, but it's still an informal term that Spanish speakers use to say "gato." As a synonym for "cat",MorningIt is mainly used in Mexico and Argentina. You can use this word to refer to kittens or adult cats.

IsMorningMy brother is very affectionate
my brothersgatois very affectionate

Mom, do you know where theMorning?
Mom, do you know where thegatoIt is?

my cousin has manyhillat your home
my cousin has a lotGatosin their house

Look, the toy I bought for herMorning
Look at the toys I bought for themgato

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Tome Note:As a colloquial term, "morrongo" can change its meaning depending on the context or location you are in. In Colombia and Spain, this word can be used to describe a lazy or slow person. In Mexico it can also be used to refer to a butcher's helper.

7. Miso-Gato

in the Dominican Republic,Misois an informal term meaning "cat". As a result, you can use this word in casual conversation as a different and original way to say "cat". Just like other words on this list, you can use "miso" to call your pet or cat in general.

IsMisoI broke my wife's vase
ÖgatoI broke my wife's vase

OurMisoIt's very quiet
OurgatoIt's very quiet

How manymustTer?
How manyGatosyou have?

Grandma, can I play with him?Miso?
Grandma, can I play with him?gato?


Spanish speakers have different terms for their beloved cats. That's why in this article we're going to show you 7 common words you can use to say "cat" in Spanish. Although these words aren't names, they're still useful when talking about your cat or someone else.

Now you can put your Spanish skills to the testMicifuzyour affection.


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