All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (2023)

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All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (1)

The season finale of the Paramount Network summer seriesGelbsteinended on a cliffhanger on Sunday night (8-23) and also ended another successful run for the series both in the ratings department and in showcasing every possible country and roots music artist and song throughout. it's from the season.

In Season 3 of the Kevin Costner-directed series, the music of Colter Wall, Cody Jinks, Tyler Childers, Elle King, Charley Crockett, Sturgill Simpson, Red Shahan and many others became key moments, often sparking interest on television. songs and This was certainly the case when viral star Zach Bryan's song "Condemned" was played in the final scene of Episode 2. Ryan Bingham also reappeared in Season 3, not just on the soundtrack but as one of the characters. recurring.

The benefit to a band of playing in Yellowstone is not just hypothetical. When Whiskey Myers not only had a few songs in season 1, but also made a personal appearance during a scene, it wastheir sales skyrocketed, and is credited with being one of the reasons the band is on the rise, including recently reaching No. 1 on the charts with their latest self-titled album. Instead of major radio plays, shows likeGelbsteinIt can really help spread the word about independent artists.

Gelbsteinrevolves around America's famous national park and the conflicts that arise between the shared boundaries of a large cattle ranch, an Indian reservation, developers, and the park itself. It was created by Taylor Sheridan, originally from Texas, and made a name for himself.Sons of Anarchyas well as the moviehell or flood, which also contained a lot of classic and indie country music. Sheridan is often credited with revitalizing the modern western.GelbsteinThe music supervisor is Andrea von Foerster.

You can see some of the songs included inYellowstone Season 1 Here, and all the songs in itYellowstone Season 2 Here, and find all the songs and their corresponding episodes and scenes for Season 3 below:

Episode 1 - Now You're the Indian21.06.2020

  • Kevin Costner & Modern West - "Dark Thoughts Ride" (escena con Beth y Kayce)
  • Cody Jinks - "Mama Song" (In the New Barn)
  • Honey Country – "cigarette" (at the liquor store)
  • Colter Wall (hazaña. Belle Plaine) - "Caroline" (Por The Campfire)

Episode 2 - freight trains and monsters28.06.2020

  • Blackberry Smoke - "Sleeping Dogs" (Dancing on the Ranch)
  • The Cadillac Three – "Party Like You" (horse thieves in trailer)
  • Tyler Childers – „Lady May“ (bei der Yellowstone Rance)
  • Zach Bryan – „Doomed“ (Endszene)

Episode 3 - An Acceptable Surrender – 7/5/2020

  • Brian Tyler – "See You Tomorrow" (Opening Scene)
  • Casey Donahew Band – „What Cowboys Do“ (en der Rodeo-Arena)
  • Whitey Morgan & the 78's – "Where Do You Want It?" (in the rodeo arena)
  • Red Shahan – „Revolution“ (in der Rodeo-Arena)
  • Turnpike Troubadours - „The Mercury“ (en der Rodeo-Arena)
  • Jon Pardi – „Me and Jack“ (in der Rodeo-Arena)
  • Whiskey Myers – "Gasoline" (one that Rodeo-Arena)
  • Esterly, Kendell Marvell – "Mine" (One Der Rodeo-Arena)

Episode 4 – Return to Cali – 07/12/2020

  • Kevin Costner & Modern West - "We Don't Run" (En el hospital)
  • Bad Flamingo - "Ain't too worried yet" (Im Krankenhaus)
  • Sturgill Simpson - "Life of Sin" (Horse Training)
  • Bad Flamingo - "Butter" (At the hospital)
  • Motörhead – "Dead Men Tell No Tales" (Biker Camp)

Episode 5 – Cowboys and Dreamers – 07/19/2020

  • Sturgill Simpson - "Long White Line" (En la fiesta de Bunkhouse)
  • Hayes Carll – "Drunken Poet's Dream" (Rip runs out of the bunkhouse)

Episode 6 – All in Vain – July 26, 2020

  • Lainey Wilson – „Straight Up Sideways“ (Fassrennen)
  • Hayes Carll - "KMAG YOYO" (Buffalo Hunt)

Episode 7 – The Beats – 08/02/2020

  • Charley Crockett – "The Valley" (Cabin in Disarray)
  • Sturgill Simpson – „Turtles to the Bottom“ (In Rips Truck)
  • Tyler Childers - "Born Again" (Rip le presenta a Jimmy el rodeo)

Episode 8 - I Killed a Man Today - 08/09/2020

  • Gethen Jenkins – „Me, my bottle and nothing but time“ (John Dutton and Tate Talking Horses)
  • Ryan Bingham - "Tell My Mom I Miss Her So Much" (Walker onstage)

Episode 9 – Badder than evil – 08/16/2020

  • Ryan Bingham – "Snake Eyes" (Walker performs to an empty bar)
  • Garrett Bradford – „This Way of Life“ (Montageszene)
  • Modern West - "You Won't See It Coming" (In The Barn)

Episode 10 – The world is purple – 08/23/2020

  • Elle King – „Ain't Gonna Drown“ (Montageszene)
  • Osborne Brothers – „Dead Man's Curve“ (Barrel Racing)
  • Lainey Wilson – "Small Town Girl" (Barrel Racing)

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(Video) ‘Ryan Bingham Croons the Bunkhouse’ Official Clip | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

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  1. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (2) Matsfan/Jatsfan
    24. August 2020@10:02 a. m.

    I enjoyed the show and the music, although sometimes the music is hard to discern. From time to time the music takes center stage, like last night with the Elle King song and when Bingham plays himself. I love that the exhibition helps at least a few great artists.


    • All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (3) Deduction
      24. August 2020@10:09 am

      That is one of the reasons why I publish these lists. So when people hear something and want to know who or what it is, they have a resource. Sometimes you can shazamar it, but when it gets into dialogue or other things, it can be tricky.



    • All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (4) stefano
      24. August 2020at 2:13 p.m.

      Hahaha Quelle Surprise, one of the first Motörhead songs in a biker scene...



  2. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (5) phil
    24. August 2020@10:07 am

    Great show with great music... so sad that season 3 is over... when will we get season 4?


    (Video) Ryan Bingham Performs ‘Wolves’ | Yellowstone | Paramount Network


    • All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (6) Martin and Loretta Lidgren
      7. November 2021at 17:29

      Wer sang das Lied in „The world is purple“ mit den Worten „going down into the water“



  3. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (7) 63 Guild
    24. August 2020@11:22 a. m.

    I just got into Yellowstone and I love shows that play great music that suits scenes like Yellowstone, The Ranch, and Umbrella Academy. Thanks for putting this together, Trig.



    • All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (8) Ellen Eastwood
      26. August 2020at 10:21

      I haven't gotten into Yellowstone yet, I'm a Netflix/Hulu subscriber, but this Umbrella Academy is so good!



  4. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (9) colette wright
    24. August 2020@12:38 p. m.

    Will you release a CD with all the Yellowstone songs?



    (Video) Ryan Bingham - Southside Of Heaven (Official Video)

  5. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (10) CC
    24. August 2020@12:52 p. m.

    All the music is good and the Yellowstone score is beautifully composed. It's good to give artists a stage in the show.



  6. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (11) Punsch
    24. August 2020at 1:21 p.m.

    I seriously spat every time Guy on a Buffalo was in an episode 😆



  7. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (12) Kevin Broughton
    27. August 2020@5:17 a. m.

    Perhaps some of these great artists (minus Costner's band, of course) could try writing screenplays?

    love the scenery. I love the soundtrack. There are some great characters.

    But the dialogue and story structure are worthy of an eleventh grade composition class. So predictable. VERY cliche.

    In other words, perfect for Costner's abilities.



  8. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (13) FRANCINE GUIDROZ
    27. August 2020@6:33 a. m.



    (Video) Tim McGraw - The Cowboy In Me (Yellowstone Edition / Audio)


  9. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (14) Barrio Wesley
    31. August 2020at 2:47 p.m.

    How about a credit to Jomo and Possum Posse?! They wrote and performed Guy on a Buffalo!



  10. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (15) sue
    December 12, 2020at 5:50 p.m.

    I downloaded great music from every season! Heaven's Gate, played by Costner's daughter, is simply beautiful.



  11. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (16) jeannie metcalf
    February 23, 2021@9:21 a. m.

    Does anyone know the name of the music that was playing when they were at summer camp and taking down the tents to take them to John's new location?



  12. All songs and artists from Season 3 of "Yellowstone". (17) laura nelson
    16.09.2021at 8:59 a.m. m.

    There is also a Dale Watson song "Where do you want it" in one of the season 3 episodes. It is during a bull riding scene. But it's not Dale Watson who sings it.


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