'Baldur's Gate III': early access, tutorials and everything you need to know (2023)

Baldur's Gate 3brought the beloved RPG series back with a bang and delivered the entire series."Dungeons and dragonsgoodness in modern form for fans to enjoy. Fresh from its successDivinity: Original Sin 2, Running Studioshas stepped up to meet the enormous challenge of creating an RPG that adequately captures the essence of D&D 5E.

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The game was announced in 2019 alongside a cinematic trailer that gave fans their first look at the modernized RPG. Since then, Larian Studios has steadily updated the game with massive new areas, fan-favorite tracks and more.

Here's everything you need to knowBaldur's Gate 3:

What isBaldur's Gate 3?


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Baldur's Gate 3is the third part of the RPG seriesBaldur's gate, which is based onForgotten Realmscampaign setting from the pen and paper gameDungeons & Dragons. The series that began in 1998 forPC, followed in 2000Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn.

Baldur's Gate 3based on its fifth editionDungeons & Dragonsrulebook, although changes were made when it was adapted into a video game.

As for what the game itself includesBaldur's Gate 3Steam sideshares the following:

"Choose from a wide rangeD&Dclans and classes, or play as an origin character with a handcrafted background. Adventure, loot, combat and romance as you journey through the Forgotten Realms and beyond. Play alone and choose your companions carefully, or as a group of up to four players."

Release date, platforms and price

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Right now,Baldur's Gate 3doesn't have an official release date for the full game, but you can currently purchase the Early Access version of the game, which was first released in October 2020.

You can play the Early Access version on PC viaDamp,Google Stadiaand the Macbook costs £49.99.

As to whenBaldur's gatewill be officially released, there is no specific date yet - however studio founder Swen Vincke has confirmed thatBaldur's Gate 3it will not leave Early Access in 2022.

Baldur's Gate 3trailer

In 2019, Larian released his first cinematic trailerBaldur's Gate 3which gave players their first look at the characters, villains and locations.

The following year, an official Early Access trailer was released, which featured the first in-game footage, revealing its cast of main characters, a variety of monsters, as well as being voiced by the game's own narrator.

Many more gameplay videos were shared by Larian when the game was in alpha, just before the Early Access release. The video showed one of the first environments the player experiences, and it was clear that a lot of changes have been made since the gameplay was last shown.

What is his plot?Baldur's Gate 3?

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Baldur's Gate 3takes place almost 100 years after its eventsBaldur's Port IIand opens with the player-created protagonist searching for a powerful cleric to heal them after being infected by a "mind flayer".

Meanwhile, the mind flayers seem to be the main antagonist of the game. Also known as the Illithids, they have "rediscovered the secret of the nautiloids" according to Vincke and are using it to leave the Underdark and "restore their empire".

Baldur's Gate 3it is mostly separate from the Bhaalspawn Saga of the original games where the children of Bhaal, Lord Of Murder, roamed the earth. "It's in living memory for some people [in the game], but most of the people who lived through it, who were very specifically associated with Baldur's Gate and the Bhaalspawn Saga, most of them are dead," said Adam Smith. , author. onBaldur's Gate 3, he saidPC world.

'Baldur's Gate III': early access, tutorials and everything you need to know (4)

However, the RPG still includes threads from the original games. “All inBaldur's Gate IandIIit becomes more and more present as the story progresses,” Smith added. "He's not gone. It's not forgotten and we're not doing a story that doesn't explain it."

“You miss out on a lotD&D– if the dice are bad, you lose. It doesn't work well in a video game,” Vincke previously saidPC gamer.

"If I do that, you're going to review it and say it's bullshit. Our approach is to implement it as cleanly as we can and then see what works and what doesn't. Things that don't works, we start tweaking until it does.”

Baldur's Gate 3game and co-op mode

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Baldur's Gate 3's game is generally a turn-based RPG, meaning that you and a select group of characters in your party will take turns dealing damage to enemies. But outside of combat, you and your party can roam the environments freely if you disable turn-based mode so you can continue exploring.

You may end up spending a lot of time in certain areas, including the game's first location, so it's especially important to explore as much as possible before moving on.

Players can choose to play the game alone and create one or more characters, or play with friends in a party to experience the game's story together. This is Larian's first turn-based game inBaldur's gateseries similar to games likeDivinity: Original Sin 2.

Although an NPC party is available for play, players can also team up with friends through online play. The same single player campaign is available to play with up to 4 players.

Baldur's Gate 3classes and matches

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IBaldur's Gate 3, you can customize your character in some very unique ways, including allowing you to choose the race and class you want to play as in the rest of the game.

To begin with, the Early Access version initially launched with six classes, including Wizard, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, and Warlock.

Since then, Larian has added more classes. This includes the shapeshifting Druid class,Magician, andBarbar.

Larian also intends to do away with all categoriesDungeons & DragonsThe 5th Edition ruleset is available when the game is fully released. Other classes to be added include Bard, Monk, and Paladin.

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Additionally, characters can also be of multiple classesBaldur's Gate 3, according to Vincke under aReddit AMA-session. “The multicategory rule will closely follow its [Fifth EditionDungeons & Dragons],” said Vinke.

"On [ling] up, characters will be able to continue with their current class or choose a new class, provided they meet the requirements." However, the feature was not seen during the game's demo, and it is currently unknown if it will be available in early access or at launch.

In terms of races, players can also choose from nine as well as several side races in Early Access. These main races include humans, elves, dwarves, and tieflings. Others in the subrace section include drow, githyanki, as well as half-elves, half-drows, and halflings. More races are expected to be included but have not yet been announced.

How is itBaldur's Gate 3Early Access?

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INME'lillereview, Jordan Oloman said that RPG understands “its dichotomyDungeons and dragonsdeep' says it's dynamic and fun.

"It's an ambitiously constructed, well-written adventure story framed by lovable companions and surprising fidelity."

As it is in early access, it was often buggy when it was released, but Larian has since released new content updates that introduced patches to fix gameplay, environment and character bugs.

When isBaldur's gateopt out of early access?

'Baldur's Gate III': early access, tutorials and everything you need to know (9)

While Larian has yet to confirm when the game will leave Early Access, he did reveal that 2022 will mark the game's last full year of development.

Talking to youPCGamesN, studio head Swen Vincke said the company "will release it when it's ready."

"The main goal here is quality: to get the game to the level of quality it needs to be. Having said that, we think we still have a year to do it. But it will be the last year. We're nearing the end of that," said Vincke, who added that the launch "may not be this year, but it won't be much later."

It meansBaldur's Gate 3it could leave Early Access in 2023, but that hasn't been determined.


What do I need to know before playing baldurs Gate 3? ›

Here are ten things that fans should know before diving into Baldur's Gate 3's early access build.
  1. 4 Wizards Can Learn Any Spell.
  2. 5 Class Balance Changes. ...
  3. 6 The Level Cap Is Four. ...
  4. 7 Pay Attention To Companion Stats. ...
  5. 8 Don't Rely On Autosaves. ...
  6. 9 The Tadpole Affects Gameplay. ...
  7. 10 Expect Bugs. ...
Oct 10, 2020

Is Baldur's Gate 3 too hard? ›

The game isn't hat hard unless you just try to roflstomp everything. It's turn based for a reason, it gives you time to think. Also, if a encounter is hard at lv 3, maybe do other stuff first so you're lv 4 - or even 5 - and try it again.

What is the current max level in Baldur's Gate 3 early access? ›

There is no higher than 20 in 5E. Level 20 is already reality-warping, godlike power. There is no level higher than 20 in 5e.

Does Baldur's Gate 3 early access give you the full game? ›

As of Patch 9, (December 2022), the Early Access version of Baldur's Gate 3 includes Act 1 of the game – that's approx 25-35 hours of content, and potentially much more than that if you're someone who likes to create new characters to explore different paths. Player levels are currently capped at 5.

Can you be a vampire in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

While many backgrounds are available for players in the early access version of Baldur's Gate III, the vampire spawn is not among them. However, Astarion, one of the many possible companions, is a vampire spawn.

Is baldurs gate grindy? ›

BG shouldn't require any repetitive grinding at all. It does expect you to do sidequests, but if you consider that boring grinding, it is probably not the game for you.

Should I destroy the brain Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Remove the brain by whatever means, and when given the option to cripple or mutilate it, don't. After that, it'll follow you around and fight by your side.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 bigger than Divinity 2? ›

Larian's Baldur's Gate 3 team is 10 times bigger than when it made Divinity: Original Sin. The studio chose to scale up instead of scaling down its vision, which it calls 'the benchmark incarnation of D&D 5th Edition.

Does gender matter in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

It was impossible for characters to romance a character if they belonged to a specific race. Aerie, for example, couldn't be romanced by a half-orc, while Viconia couldn't be romanced by a gnome. All of the relationships in the game were also restricted by gender, which won't be the case in Baldur's Gate 3.

Does Baldur's Gate 3 have feats? ›

Feats in Baldur's Gate 3 are special talents or expertises that provide special capabilities to characters. At certain levels, your class gives you the Ability Score Improvement feature. Using the optional feats rule, you can forgo taking that feature to take a Feat of your choice instead.

What is the max level in Baldur's Gate 2? ›

also what happens when you import a character for bg1 to bg2 ? . ( for example ) if you character is fully maxed out for xp going in to bg 2 ? The level cap in BGII:EE is 8 000 000 experience. When you transfer a character over from BGI to BG2 you'll keep your experience, the level cap in BG:EE is 161 000 experience.

Will Monk be in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Monk is a Class in Baldur's Gate 3. Monks primary ability is Dexterity & Wisdom, their saving throw proficiencies are Strength & Dexterity and they have a Hit Dice of 1d8 per monk level.

What is the level cap in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

What is this? As with most RPGs, player progression is marked by levels. And considering Baldur's Gate 3 is using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e ruleset, fans will know that the typical level cap sits at 20. However, in Early Access, the Baldur's Gate 3 level cap sits at a measly 4.

How many hours can you play Baldur's Gate 3? ›

We can assume that Baldur's Gate 3 entire game will have around 50 to 90 hours of content separated by three acts and multiple chapters. However, it's always very subjective when defining the time required to beat the game. Each player is different, and the time can depend on many factors.

How much of Baldur's Gate 3 is playable 2023? ›

Baldur's Gate 3 will fully release in August 2023. The current Early Access version allows you to play through Act 1 of Baldur's Gate 3, which lasts roughly 30 hours.

Should you let Astarion bite you? ›

You can let him feed on you willingly at that point. If you stop him at the first opportunity, it's all fine. If you don't and try to stop him at the second opportunity, he'll drain you dry and kill you. However after that, the game keeps going and you can have another party member revive your character.

What happens if you refuse to become a Vampire Lord? ›

Speaking With Lord Harkon

Eventually, Lord Harkon will present you with the opportunity to become a vampire. If you accept the offer, Harkon will bite you, which causes you to pass out. If you refuse the offer to become a vampire, you will be banished from Castle Volkihar and won't be able to enter back inside.

Can you join Volkihar as a werewolf? ›

Yes, you can still join them as a werewolf. The Dawnguard, as an organization, are completely dedicated to hunting down vampires. Being a werewolf doesn't matter to them in the slightest.

What is the easiest class to play in baldurs gate? ›

"Easiest" classes to play...
  • Cavalier - Not as powerful as a Berserker, but also a little less complicated. ...
  • Berserker - Just so powerful and immune to all the bad stuff if you know when you use his abilities.
  • Archer - Stand back - point, click, kill.
  • Barbarian - See Berserker.
Oct 17, 2017

How long is Baldur's Gate 3 so far? ›

This likely puts Baldur's Gate 3's total playtime for a single playthrough at roughly 100 hours, provided that players also complete some side quests and take full part in character and party progression.

Do weapons break baldurs gate? ›

Wakizashis and Ninjatōs in the EE) has a 1% chance on-hit to break due to the iron crisis, good quality iron and steel are scarce, weapons will break easier. The fragmented weapon can't be reforged, recycled or sold and serves no purpose.

What is the most powerful weapon in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Baldur's Gate 3: The Best Melee Weapons, Ranked
  1. 1 Shortsword Of First Blood – Shortsword.
  2. 2 Faithbreaker – Warhammer. ...
  3. 3 Sorrow – Glaive. ...
  4. 4 Sword Of Justice – Greatsword. ...
  5. 5 Blooded Greataxe – Greataxe. ...
  6. 6 Sussur Greatsword – Greatsword. ...
  7. 7 Deep Delver – War Pick. ...
  8. 8 Sussur Dagger – Dagger. ...
Jan 8, 2023

Is Death permanent in Baldur's Gate? ›

For BG1 all death is permanent as people are poor and should not be able to get rez even though the game allows it. Everybody's much more powerful and wealthy in BG2 so I allow it there. Chunking is chunking though, so life is not guaranteed.

Is lower AC better in Baldur's Gate? ›

The less AC, the better, so you give your enemy a penalty when attacking.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 abandoned? ›

In February 2022, Baldur's Gate 3 Director Swen Vincke estimated that the team had "about a year left of development" on Baldur's Gate 3 before the game leaves early access, implying a 2023 release date but still leaving room for a potential launch window in 2024.

What does Crpg stand for? ›

(Computer Role Playing Game) Role playing on the computer, typically in a fantasy environment, although some take place in a medieval setting.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 better than divinity? ›

While Divinity: Original Sin 2 was a massive success for Larian and one of the greatest RPGs released in years, a variety of factors may make Baldur's Gate 3 an even better role-playing experience.

Can you romance jaheira? ›

Jaheira. With Khalid's death, Jaheira will turn towards a male protagonist for consolation, making it possible to romance Jaheira, provide he is human, elf, half-elf or halfling. This romance has the most dialogues and is intertwined with the harper quests.

Can you become a werewolf in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

You get two new skills. One to turn into a wolf and one to turn into a humanoid wolf like creature (gnoll looking). Both are resistant to standard weapon attacks. The wolf has a bite attack.

Can you romance Shadowheart baldurs Gate 3? ›

Romancing Shadowheart at the Refugee Celebration

The early access release of Baldur's Gate III seems to have one romance scene with Shadowheart that only includes a kiss. You'll need to have rescued the Druid Halsin and finished the side quest Save the Refugees.

What is missing from baldurs gate 3? ›

The notable missing classes from Dungeons and Dragons 5e are Monk and Artificer.

What is disadvantage Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Disadvantage is a mechanic in Baldur's Gate 3. While players are under the effect of Disadvantage and perform an ability check, saving throw or an attack roll they will roll a second D20 while making that role and use the lower of those rolls to decide the outcome.

What are the hardest fights in baldurs gate 3? ›

What are the hardest fights in bg3?
  • Gith patrol, if you roll poor initiative they can kill 1-2 players in the first round. They all have gith plate so relatively high ac and that stupid female gith always action surges turn one. ...
  • True soul nere. ...
  • Bernard.

What is the highest character roll in Baldur's Gate? ›

In theory, the highest roll is 108: all 18's. There's nothing in the game engine that artificially prevents you from rolling perfect scores, but the probability of doing so is astronomically low.

How many years after 2 is Baldur's Gate 3? ›

The Descent into Avernus adventure takes place roughly 100 years after the events of Baldur's Gate II, and the story of Baldur's Gate III takes place immediately following the events of the Descent into Avernus tabletop module.

Is Paladin in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Paladin is a Class in Baldur's Gate 3. Paladins primary ability is Strength, their saving throw proficiencies are Wisdom & Charisma and they have a Hit Dice of 1d10 per paladin level.

Will Baldur's Gate 3 have multiclassing? ›

Can you multiclass in Baldur's Gate 3? Yes! Great news for adventurers that like to mix things up a little bit and are wondering if Baldur's Gate 3 will include multiclassing. It is confirmed that players will be able to multiclass their characters within Baldur's Gate 3.

Will Hexblade be in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Nope, but I'd not hold by breath for it, because it's not in the PHB. Modders will make it work for sure, but unfortunatelly no special visual effects, etc, unless it's an official subclass.

How many playable classes are there in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

As a result, it'll determine how NPC will interact with you, but most importantly, what spells you can use and how much damage, healing or survivability you'll have. There are 12 classes in Baldur's Gate 3.

What is the max multiplayer in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Play alone, and select your companions carefully, or as a party of up to four in multiplayer.

How many races will be in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

There are nine different Baldur's Gate 3 races to choose from so far—each having their own subraces that sometimes offer even more options to customize your character.

Is there a penalty for long rest Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Unlike tabletop and every other game based on D&D, there is no obstacle or risk to long resting in BG3. You can long rest at any point. It is as available as a short rest.

How long is an hour in baldurs gate? ›

The time system during combat
Game timeReal time
1 round= 72 game seconds= 6 real seconds
1 turn= 10 rounds = 12 game minutes= 1 real minute
1 game hour= 5 turns= 5 real minutes
8 game hours= 40 turns= 40 real minutes
1 more row

How far can you go in Baldur's Gate 3 early access? ›

In Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access, you can play until you reach the end of the first act. Even though the story is limited, you'll get a reasonable taste of it and want to learn more. The first act is around 20 hours long, but it depends on how much time you spend on combat and exploration.

Is BG3 early access worth it? ›

I highly recommend playing the early access content solo first so that you can enjoy the first act more substantially.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 a AAA game? ›

Baldur's Gate III Has a 'AAA Budget and Team,' According to Dev - News. Baldur's Gate 3 executive producer David Walgrave in a recent interview with Eurogamer discussed the scope of the game. He considers the game AAA in quality due to the budget and team.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 worth it in Early Access? ›

Should I Play Baldur's Gate 3 In Early Access? Starting on a positive, one of the best aspects of BG3 in early access is the chance to create your own distinct main character, exploring a wide variety of races and classes In the game's fantastic character creator.

Is Baldur's Gate 3 story connected to 1 and 2? ›

Yes. The story takes place 100 years after the events in Baldur's Gate 2 and shortly after the events of Descent into Avernus. We don't want to spoil anything about the story but it will be connected to the previous games in meaningful ways.

What is the best class for beginners in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Fighter. It's the most straightforward, and intuitive class to play, in my opinion. They can use basically any weapon or armor in the game, and have a decent health pool. And once you get a feel of the game, maybe you will want to try others.

Who is the canon character in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

The canon hero is a Human male named Abdel Adrian who was faced with a choice at the end of Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, the final game in the Bhaalspawn Saga, to either take Bhaal's power and become a god or to turn it down.

Is baldurs gate set legal? ›

Since Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate is a supplemental set, the cards will not be Standard, Pioneer, or Modern legal. However, cards printed in the set will be Commander, Legacy, Vintage, and Pauper legal.

Does race matter in Baldur's Gate? ›

Which of the Baldur's Gate 3 races you pick is one of the most important decisions you'll make in Larian's RPG. While your class determines how you fight, your race determines how you fit into the various civilizations of the Forgotten Realms.

Can you romance in Baldur's Gate 3? ›

Romance is a type of interaction with your companions in Baldur's Gate 3. Players that develop enough relationship with a companion, will get the chance to romantically interact with them creating a deeper relationship, and even having sex.


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