Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (2023)

From transportation to tickets, dining tips to Disney Premier Access, these Disneyland Paris tips will help you make the most of your visit.

I have visited Disneyland Paris on a few occasions but thought it best to consult the experts for their best tips for Disneyland Paris. ThatDisneyland Paris Tips for the IrishThe team regularly visit the parks and offer tips and advice to their large following on Facebook and Instagram.

They've collected their top tips for Disneyland Paris below, including tips to help you plan your visit, which airport is best to use and when is the best time to visit. They also have great information on availability and priority cards, as well as tips on food, what to bring and where to shop!

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1. The best airports and transport to Disneyland Paris

Many potential visitors to Disneyland Paris do not realize that there are actually three airports close to the resort. The best known is Charles De Gaulle Airport, where airlines such as Aer Lingus and Air France offer daily services. For smaller groups, the airport has a direct TGV (high-speed train) link to Disneyland Paris, with a journey time of nine minutes and a cost of around €35 ​​per person. person each way.

The Disneyland Paris train station is right in front of the parks, but you will have to walk or take a free shuttle to your hotel. For larger groups we recommend a private transfer from the airport which costs around €70 per person. road per van (suggested businesses includeWestern ToursandEzyshuttle).

You will find a driver waiting for you on arrival who will take your group directly to your hotel. Some companies even have Disney movies playing in their six-seat vans, helping the 40-minute drive by. The Magical Shuttle is another option, but includes a stop at each passenger's hotel, so it's often better to go for a private transfer.

The second airport chosen is Orly Airport. Lesser known airlines such as Vueling and Transavia have daily flights and one of our top tips for Disneyland Paris is that they can offer much cheaper prices than flying to Charles de Gaulle.

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (1)

Orly is just south of Paris, and you get a really great view of the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris right before landing! It is approximately 45 minutes from Disneyland Paris by private transfer. Recommended companies include;Western ToursandTransport RS. Unfortunately, there is no direct train service, but the airport is served by the Magical Shuttle.

Finally, it is possible to reach Disneyland Paris from the famous Beauvais Airport. Ryanair flies here, but unfortunately there is no train connection.

Private transfers offer a 90-minute journey and can be up to twice as much as Charles De Gaulle and Orly. Beauvais might make sense if your Ryanair flight is extremely cheap, or if you have six or more in a group to reduce transport costs per person. person, otherwise I would choose one of the other airports.

2. How many days do I need in Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (2)

Is it a journey in your life? Will you be back soon, or maybe one day? It is important to ask yourself these questions before ordering. We recommend at least three days in the parks per visit. This is usually split by spending one day at Walt Disney Studios and two days at Disneyland's main park.

This is even more important if you are buying tickets separately rather than part of a package (you don't need parking container tickets for every day of your trip and you can save money by keeping this in mind!)

If you have less time, you can do most of the day at Walt Disney Studios and end that day in Central Park, followed by a full day in Central Park the next day. On the other hand, with a more relaxed attitude, you can easily spend 5-7 days in the Disneyland area.

3. The best tickets to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (3)

Most Disney hotel packages include park tickets as standard. You can re-enter the parks as many times as you like, but remember if you don't have a park hopper ticket you can only re-enter the park you originally entered.

Many visitors choose to book accommodation and parking tickets separately, as this can be cost-effective. However, it is important to check whether the tickets are dated. If they are out of date, please indicate your tickets (see below).

Attraction Tickets.comoffer timed park hopper tickets and no further booking required. They include entry to both parks and the tickets are ready - just print your tickets or present your tickets on your smartphone for instant entry.

Check prices here

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4. Disneyland Paris Tips – Check if your tickets need to be registered

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (4)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Disneyland Paris began operating a system that requires registration to enter the parks. "To maintain a high-quality guest experience," this system will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Those who have booked a Disney hotel stay package do not need to make a reservation, your presence is assumed. Dated tickets also require no further action. Registration is required for those with undated tickets and annual passes.

One of our best tips for Disneyland Paris is to check whether your tickets require registration, if you are in doubt double check with who you buy your tickets from.

5. The best time of year to visit Disneyland Paris

For those who want to visit the parks in quieter months, we recommend January – after the end of the Christmas period, February – not including the midterm, March, September, October – not the midterm break and mid-November. Please note that some acts may be closed during these quieter periods for repairs and shows may give their performers a break.

Anyone looking to avoid the big crowds should avoid the weekends, period. You will find Monday to Thursday the quietest and cheapest (although most schools in Paris have a short day on Wednesdays).

It's much cheaper to go during the term, but of course we wouldn't recommend sacrificing your children's education in exchange for lifelong family memories and unparalleled happiness...

It is also important to research the French school holidays and at the same time keep an eye out for holidays in the UK, France and Germany.

6. The many seasons in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (5)

Disneyland Paris is very fond of its "seasons". Before Covid you had a Frozen season at the beginning of the year, then a Star Wars season, a Marvel Superheroes season, with the Lion King and Jungle Book themed summer. In 2022, the 30th anniversary will be in the center for most of the year.

Parts of the anniversary will remain after September 30, such as the nightly drone show just before the main fireworks display. We know that the Halloween season starts on October 1 and continues until early November, with the Christmas season from November 12 to January 8, 2023.

These holidays are absolute fan favourites, with Halloween being spooky but not scary and Christmas offering a special parade along with a meet'n'greet with the master himself – Santa or Mickey, you decide!

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7. Disneyland Paris Tips – Availability & Priority Passes

In December 2021, Disneyland Paris revised its accessibility and disability system to take into account feedback from customers and advocacy groups. There are two types of cards which help the cardholder to avoid long queues and have a more comfortable holiday according to his needs.

Because Ireland isPriority access cardgiven to people with one of the following documents: Handicap parking permit, Primary medical certificate, Disability grant, Home care benefit or ASIAM autism card. The applicant's true status is never questioned.

You pre-register via the website, upload a photo and then pick up the card on site. The Priority Pass allows the holder and up to four others in their party to enter attractions via the MagicAll entrance, effectively meaning that almost all queues can be skipped.

The card also allows the holder and two others to enter special viewing areas for parades and fireworks. Cardholders also get a 25% discount on day passes and annual passes, although we recommend buying full price tickets if you're going at a busy time to guarantee entry.

If you do not have one of the six documents listed, you may still be eligible for an easy access card. Disneyland's website has a list of 30 very specific long-term illnesses that must be confirmed with a doctor's letter. The easy access card usually involves the holder picking up a timed paper card to return a short time later and then skip the line.

Both of these accessibility cards can completely change the experience for those who need them - be sure to apply if you or a member of your team qualifies.

For Autism/ASIAM card holders please do not accept an Easy Access card, we have heard of many Irish families saying they are not eligible for a Priority Card - this is not correct, please point out contributors in their accessibility sectionDisneyland Paris website.

8. Download Disneyland Paris-appen

TheDisneyland Paris appnot only does it show you park hours and show schedules, but it helps you plan your day and make the most of your time at Disneyland Paris.

You can see approximate walking times between attractions, see waiting times for all routes at once and reserve a table at one of the 21 themed restaurants up to two months in advance.

9. Consider buying Disney Premier Access

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (6)

If you're short on time and visiting during peak season, consider purchasing Disney Premier Access – this allows you to fast-track access to available attractions – in addition to the Orbitron. There are two different types of access you can purchase.

Disney Premier Access Oneprovides one-time access to ONE attraction. You will be allocated the next available slot to enter the fast lane at your favorite attraction. It can only be purchased on the day at Disney Parks or through the Disneyland Paris app. Note: You can purchase up to three Disney Premier Access Ones per guest per day.

Disney Premier Access Ultimateprovides one-time access to all available attractions. You can enter the fast lane whenever you want - no time slots are required. You can buy it in advance or on the day through the Disneyland Paris app or website or through the company that ordered the Disneyland Paris package.

See more here

10. Disneyland Paris Dining Tips

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (7)

"No one goes hungry at Disneyland Paris" is my advice to worried parents, but there are definitely some things you should know before you arrive with a picky eater. For picky eaters, meal plans can be considered a waste of money, along with buffets and table-service restaurants. These range from around €40 for adults and €30 for children, which is quite expensive for something like nuggets and chips.

Instead of putting yourself under pressure, plan on Rainforest Cafe, Planet Hollywood (closing January 2023) and other fast-casual restaurants around the parks. Some of our favorites are Cowboy Cookout (BBQ), Bella Notte (pizza and pasta) and Cafe Hyperion (Burgers - but has a huge seating area in a cool and quiet theater).

With a little planning, you can have amazing meals for everyone without breaking the bank. Vegetarian and vegan options are constantly growing, and those with food intolerances can order a Natama meal at most Disney restaurants (Planet Hollywood does a full gluten-free menu).

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (8)
However, it is also possible to avoid eating fast food in Disneyland Paris. If you want something a little more elegant, try Walts - it's one of the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris. Bistrot Chez Remy is one of the most popular restaurants in the park as it continues from the Ratatouille ride.

Captain Jack's Restaurant des Pirates is another good choice that serves Caribbean favorites, and Restaurant Hakuna Matata is an African restaurant in Adventureland. When it comes to Disneyland Paris dining tips - there's one thing that stands out: If you want to eat at a popular restaurant, make sure you make a reservation in advance!

Character meals at Plaza Gardens (Disney cartoon characters) and Auberge de Cendrillon (Princesses) are also very popular, but keep in mind that you're paying premium prices just to meet characters. See more about character meals below.

11. Disneyland Paris Snack Tips

While it may seem a little "Irish" to bring Barry's tea bags and half the kitchen, it's worth picking up some essential snacks to get you through queues, shows and parades – even more so if you have little ones or picky eaters.

Fountains are slowly coming back online after the pandemic, which is a significant opportunity to save money compared to buying bottles of water that cost more than €3 each in parks.

Bringing small splashes of Miwadi can make tap water something more palatable. Belvita pastries can get you through Extra Magic Time (the parks open an hour earlier for Disney Hotel guests and some Annual Pass holders) so you can have a late breakfast or early lunch while other guests are jostling for the most popular routes.

Chuppahs not only prevent ears from popping on the plane, but they can last most of a 45-minute line (along with some downloaded Disney+ content). Although under 3s eat for free to some extent (usually just eating off the plate), we have found that small microwavable meals from 'Ella's Kitchen' or similar can prevent a mealtime meltdown.

Most buffet restaurants have microwave ovens, just ask a cast member (employee) for help!

12. Character meals at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (9)

There are currently two locations offering character meals (and lifelong memories) at Disneyland Paris. The first is the Plaza Gardens Restaurant in Disneyland's Central Park. Located at the bottom of Mainstreet USA next to Discoveryland - Plaza Gardens is a great place to enjoy a great meal right next to the castle.

Currently, the grades are available for either breakfast or dinner. Lunch has no sign and therefore costs less. The breakfast characters are usually some of Mickey's friends, as well as some of Pooh's friends.

Dinner kicks things up a notch with characters like Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and other VIPs. It is worth noting that dinner is 20 euros more expensive than breakfast.

The other character dining restaurant is the Auberge de Cendrillon (Cinderella's inn). This is behind the castle on the right. Here you can choose between lunch and dinner. Usually, four Disney princesses will casually walk into the restaurant, swing between tables and generally make dreams come true.

The food here may be listed under the Disneyland Paris "upscale" section, so it's worth checking out the menu on the Disneyland Paris app to make sure you're not dropping €80 per meal. person on the treat – although of course they charge a princess premium here.

13. Prioritize your best rides and grades

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (10)

The best way to avoid disappointment on a trip to Disneyland Paris is to not set your expectations too high! This specifically refers to the number of tours you want to take or the number of characters you want to meet in the short days you will be there. I suggest you make a list and then cut it in half.

Measure your children's height before you go andcheck onlinein advance to see which trips your children can go on. This will save you time and allow you to prepare your children for inappropriate trips.

Try responding to queue times using the Disneyland Paris app. If you're stuck without a plan during Extra Magic Time, take the long rides that usually have long lines. If you pass a ride with a short line, get in!

If you see a Character Meet without much waiting, start it. Identify the 'must ride' or 'must meet' and leave everything else as a bonus.

Get there early to secure a good vantage point for the parades and lights, and be sure to bring a stroller for the little ones. During the summer monthsthe light shows with fireworksit can take place until 11pm, so it's best to factor it into your day and try to get the little ones to take a nap if you can.

This advice applies all year round, but even more so during school holidays and weekends. Try to get the vibe, no one can ruin it for you.

14. Don't forget your technology

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (11)

Unfortunately in this day and age technology can make or break your vacation! Preparation is key. Even the most modern phones will struggle to last until dinner if you take photos, videos and/or post on social media – make sure to clean your camera lens too!

We recommend picking up a power bank of at least 10,000 mAh – this will cost around €20 and will charge three standard iPhones. From there it is important to have the right cables. Be sure to test your power banks and cables well before you travel. ONEwaterproof case for your phonecan also be useful for water trips.

It's also a handy tip to only bring an EU/2-pin travel adapter along with a 4-way extension cable. Most hotels will list on their website the type of power connections available in the standard room, but we have heard of many holidaymakers arriving in rooms that are not as upgraded as advertised.

Remember to print all important documents. The ticket scanners at Disney aren't too fond of phones, so it's best to have each person ready with a paper ticket ready to scan.

15. Shop i Val D'Europe

Located inside the 'Circle' (a perfect circular ring road surrounding Disneyland Paris), Val D'Europe is a huge shopping complex with plenty to keep you busy on a day out of the park or stock up on snacks and supplies for the parks.

It is one train stop on the RER, 10 minute taxi or 25 minute walk to the parks. You primarily have the Auchan supermarket, which is the closest thing I've seen to a Walmart this side of the Atlantic. Here you can buy snacks, drinks, technology and even strollers - why rent one when you can buy and transport it to someone else for less?

There is a shopping complex similar to Kildare village and a Sea-Life Aquarium if you are looking for something a little different to do. Did someone say Penneys? Val D'Europe has a huge Primark which arguably sells more Disney merchandise than the House of Mouse itself!

There are almost 200 shops and dozens of dining options in and around Val D'Europe. It's perfect if you want a break from the parks or a change from Disney food.

See more here

16. What to wear to Disneyland Paris

Layers, layers and more layers! The weather can be as changeable as Ireland or the UK and any time of year can vary greatly in terms of sun, rain and temperature.

November to mid-February is characterized as the coldest months, with everything from icy winds to snowfall. We only rely on weather forecasts up to about three days in advance. This means from March to October you should pack a light raincoat or poncho, extra socks (in case they get wet), sunglasses and SPF 50.

Don't bring a new pair of shoes to Disneyland Paris! You will probably take over 20,000 steps or 20 kilometers per day. Cycling shorts are also a good idea all year round for ultimate comfort.

There is no dress code in the Disneyland Paris theme parks, restaurants or even hotels. Anything that fits Big Thunder Mountain is allowed in the Manhattan restaurant. You don't have to wear Disney themed clothing, but it generally looks good in photos and the characters will show characters in your clothing during the meet and greet.

TOP TIP:Teenagers and adults are not allowed to dress up in full-body costumes except for special ticket parties - so that children do not get confused between them and cast members. However, the little ones can wear whatever they want. A little princess, pirate or avenger is sure to get plenty of attention from cast members throughout the parks.

There is also extremely high quality face painting in both parks that will last for days.

17. Bring medicine and supplies

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (12)

Getting the essential medicine we all depend on from time to time is a different story in France, and even more so in the Disneyland Paris bubble. There are no dispensaries in Disneyland or Disney Village!

For adults, bring paracetamol, nurophen, hayfever tablets, indigestion tablets, tablets to make things move and tablets to stop it moving!

For children, you need similar, but ideally in liquid form. Remember that most airports in Ireland still adhere to the 100ml carry-on rule. If your transfer is check-in, this rule does not apply. Don't forget your sunscreen and a good summer hat!

However, if you forget to bring medical supplies, there are pharmacies located in Magny (near most partner hotels) and Val D'Europe. There are also first aid centers in both the parks and Disney Village that can provide band-aids or basic medications, but it's best to travel prepared.

Be sure that youEHIC cortis up to date and we always recommend that you have completedtravel insurance.

18. Strollers / Strollers in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (13)

We recommend that parents of all children under the age of six bring a pram/pram to Disneyland Paris. It is not unusual for adults to walk 25,000 steps a day. Having a buggy means you can quickly move between parks, your kids have space for parades and fireworks, and you have somewhere to stash bits and pieces during the day.

Boogie boards might work if you have a toddler and an older child. We do not recommend double pushchairs due to their width for crossing crowds and shops. Although carts are not banned like in the US, they are very hidden.

Buggies are allowed from all routes and attractions. If you are worried about being stolen, you can bring a small lock to block the wheels. Locking a cart to a railing will cut the lock very quickly!

You can also hire very basic buggies in any park for €25 a day plus a deposit, but these can easily be confused with each other and don't look as comfortable. You can take these strollers out of the parks, but be sure to keep your receipt.

TOP TIP:When you leave an attraction, it is not easy to find your stroller among 100 similar strollers. Bring a ribbon or bright sticker to make your stroller stand out.

19. Use the Single Rider lanes and the Baby Switch system

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (14)

Quite often there is one person in your party who likes scary sights and others who prefer to avoid them! Whether it's the Tower of Terror or the Rock N' Roller Coaster, you'll be happy to know that you can ride them using the Single Rider tracks. These usually have little or no queues as individual riders fill the empty seats at the main attractions. Single rider tracks are also practical if you want to ride a popular attraction a second time.

A similar system applies if you have young children who don't want to or are too young to drive to a particular attraction. The Baby Switch system allows one parent to drive while the other keeps an eye on the children, and then the parents switch places without having to return to the queue.

20. Covid regulations for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (15)

Although the travel rules have been an emotional rollercoaster lately, things have thankfully calmed down. There are no longer any COVID19 regulations for Disneyland Paris. You'll still find plenty of hand gel and the recommendation to wear a mask during busy gatherings, but it's not mandatory.

This leaves us with the international travel rules for entering France. At the time of writing (July 2022), EU members must have had your 2nd vaccination within the last nine months or have had your booster at any time (no expiry).

If you are not vaccinated, you can present a health certificate from the last six months or a negative test carried out by a professional testing service. This can be a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival or a negative antigen test within 48 hours.

Antigen testing is faster, cheaper and can be done at many chemists or at the airport on your way. Under 12s do not need proof of vaccinations or tests before departure.

We hope you found these Disneyland Paris tips useful. Read my top fivereasons to visit Disneyland Paris in 2022and plan your next magical trip away!

Disneyland Paris Tips for the Irish

Although every effort is made to ensure that the above information is correct, it is subject to change. Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission if an order is placed, but at no extra cost to you.

Disneyland Paris Tips - 20 things to know before you go (16)

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