Here are all the songs from the 'Yellowstone' soundtrack (2023)

GelbsteinIt has quietly become one of the most popular shows in the world, with a country soundtrack to match the western drama.

Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, the series follows the Dutton family, owners of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, and conflicts with groups along their shared borders - including an Indian reservation, cattle ranch and land developers.

WithKevin Costner, Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly, the show premiered in 2018 but is currently in its fifth season which began in November 2022. The 14-episode fifth season is split into two parts, with the show going on a mid-season break beginning December 18th.


The show also spawned numerous spinoffs, including prequels1883e1923which focuses on another generation of the Dutton family. Another spin-off with the title6666, set in present-day Texas, is scheduled to air in 2023.

Gelbsteincontains an original score composed by Brian Tyler, whose earlier credits includeIronman 3,Avengers: Age of Ultronit is atFranchise. You can stream the season 1 soundtrack below.

each season ofGelbsteinalso features tracks from other artists ranging fromChris Stapleton,Blurand Costner's band Kevin Costner & Modern West. Below you can watch the songs of all seasons:

first season

Episode eins -Aurora

"Save Your Soul" - Joey Stylez ft. Blackkiss
„Tennessee-Whisky“ – Chris Stapleton
"Judith" - A perfect circle
"On the River" - Whiskey Myers
Tumbleweed – Puscifer
„Ashokan Farewell“ – Jay Ungar und Molly Mason
"Trouble for my soul" - The Trishas


episode two -Kill the messenger

'Thunder Kiss '65' - White Zombie
"Music 2" - Blur
"Bad News" - Whitey Morgan and the '78ers
"Goodbye yesterday" - shaver

episode three -bad horses

'Howlin At The Moon' - Evil Flamingo
"Got me in trouble" - Rusty Tinder
"The Degrading River" - Puscifer

episode four –The long black train

"Sunrise" - Ryan Bingham
"After Hours" - Brad Hatfield
„Froschmann“ – Whiskey Myers
"Keep the wolves away" - Uncle Lucius
'Pedra' - Whisky Myers

episode five –return home

„Bar, Guitarra und Honky Tonk Crowd“ – Whiskey Myers
"Have a cava" - Jason Rebello
"I wish I was" - Maren Morris
'All Swallowed Again' - Ryan Bingham
"Good morning" - William Wild
"Sunrise" - Ryan Bingham

episode six –the memory

(Video) 10 Country Songs from 'Yellowstone' to Add to Your Playlist

„Claudia’s Theme (Version Eight)“ – Lennie Niehaus, Clint Eastwood
"Uneasy Moments" - Jason Rebello
"Another Waltz" - Jason Rebello
“Was Was Lost” – Jason Rebello
"Forgiveness doesn't grow on trees" - Bad Flamingo

episode seven –A monster is among us

"Little Drummer Boy" - Emmylou Harris
"Without Your Love" - ​​Chris Stapleton
„Lobos“ – Ryan Bingham

episode eight –The Resolution Pt. 1

‘Vale Verde’ – Puscifer
"Baby, I'm lost (but I'm going home)" - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
'Broken Window Serenade' - Whisky Myers
‘Grand Canyon’ – Puscifer

episode nine –The Resolution Pt. two

„Late Night Mellow“ – Jason Rebello
"I would die without you" - P.M. dusk
"God knows I tried" - Bad Flamingo
"Me and the Whiskey" - Whitey Morgan and the '78s
„Trinkproblem“ – Midland
"Mercy now" - Mary Gauthier

second season

Here are all the songs from the 'Yellowstone' soundtrack (1)

Episode eins -a thunder

'What comes naturally' - blackberry smoke
"My diamond is too hard" - Ryan Bingham
"Conquer" - Softly
"Ain't Much Left Of Me" - Blackberry Smoke
'Lama' - Whisky Myers
"Long Hot Summer Day" - Turnpike Troubadours
"Working Overtime" - Lainey Wilson

episode two -new beginnings

"Breakdown in G Major" - Eliot Bronson
"Bread and Water" - Ryan Bingham

episode three -the smell of despair

„Here & Gone“ – Mississippi Twilight
„Montana-Melodie“ – Legrande Harvey
"Fogo" - Evil Flamingo
'Summer Of Love' - Evil Flamingo
"Until no good life" - Chris Stapleton
'Train Rollin' - Brombeerrauch
„Whiskey und du“ – Chris Stapleton

episode four –Only demons remain

"Reifentanzlied" - Elenco de Yellowstone
„Inter-Tribal Song“ – Elenco de Yellowstone
"Hills and Valleys" - Jason Rebello
"Johnny Cash (Man in Black)" - Badd Wolf
"Last Of My Kind" - Jason Isbell and a Unidade 400

episode five –touch your enemy

„Nose On The Grindstone (OurVinyl Sessions)“ – Tyler Childers
„S.O.B.“ – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
"Never be ourselves" - Savannah Conley
'Reaper' - Wild The Coyote, Badd Wolf
‘Good One Comin’ On’ – Brombeerrauch
"Scary the devil out of you" - Blackberry Smoke
'Welcome 'Round Here' - The Marcus King Band
„Shakin‘ Hands With The Holy Ghost“ – Brombeerrauch
"Drank Like Hank" - Osborne Brothers
"Prayers" - Pete Sands

episode six –blood the boy

„Pearl Snaps“ – Jason Boland & The Stragglers
„Start To Go“ – Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
"Deep Down South" - Whiskey Myers
'Waiting for Thunder' - Blackberry Smoke
'Tombstone' - Whiskey Myers
"Take this heart of gold" - Watchhouse
"All I Know" - William Prince
"The Killer" - Kevin Costner & Modern West, Jaida Dreyer

episode seven –day of resurrection

(Video) ‘Yellowstone’ Official Theme Music Composed by Brian Tyler | Paramount Network

"Outlaw Shit" - Waylon Jennings, The .357s
"I hurt too" - Katie Herzig
„Lucky Seven“ – Brombeerrauch
„Slow Burn“ – Kacey Musgraves
"History of White Trash" - Casey Donahew
"Evening Blues" - William Wild
„Himmelstor“ – Kevin Costner & Modern West, Lily Costner
„Alter Mann“ – Wild The Coyote, Badd Wolf

episode eight –Behind us only gray

"Alabama Pines" - Jason Isbell and a 400 unit
„Broken Rock Freestyle“ – MC Redcloud
'Broken Rock Freestyle Beat' - PlanB-Strik9
"Save Your Soul" - feat. Joey Stylez. black kiss
"Warpath" - Drezus
"Axe" - The Steelgrove

episode nine –enemies until Monday

„Orange Bus“ – Brock Tyler
„Love Somebody“ – Honey County
"Under His Influence" - Honey County feat. Spencer Crandall
"All right" - Lincoln Grounds, Thomm Jutz
"Dreams and Gasoline" - Rob Baird
"Fast Stack" - William Wild
"You Can't Take Me Down" - Suizidalität

episode ten –sins of the father

"Daddy doesn't pray anymore" - Chris Stapleton
"The Tired Kind" - Ryan Bingham

third season

Here are all the songs from the 'Yellowstone' soundtrack (2)

Episode eins -you are the indian now

„Dark Thoughts Ride“ – Kevin Costner & Modern West
„Mamma Song“ – Cody Jinks
„Zigarette“ – Honey County
"Good Corn Liquor" - The Steeldrivers
„Caroline“ – Colter Wall, Belle Plaine

episode two -freight trains and monsters

„Sleeping Dogs“ – Brombeerrauch
"Party like you" - the Cadillac Three
"Lady May" - Tyler Childers
“Condemned” – Zach Bryan

episode three -An acceptable surrender

"Was Cowboys tun" - Casey Donahew
"Revolution" – Roter Shahan
'The Mercury' - Turnpike-Troubadours
"Me and Jack" - Jon Pardi
"Wherever you want it" - Whitey Morgan and the '78ers
'Gasolina' - Whisky Myers
"Mine" - Esterly, Kendell Marvel

episode four –Return to Cali

„We Don’t Run“ – Kevin Costner & Modern West
'Ain't too worried yet' - Bad Flamingo
"The Life of Sin" - Sturgill Simpson
"Butter" - Evil Flamingo
"Dead men tell no tales" - Motörhead

episode five –cowboys and dreamers

"Long White Line" - Sturgill Simpson
"The Drunken Poet's Dream" - Hayes Carll

episode six –All for free

"Straight Up Sideways" - Lainey Wilson
„Episódio 3: Finale, Teil 1 (Origins, Villains & The Like)“ – Jomo And The Possum Posse
„Kmag Yoyo“ – Hayes Carll

episode seven –die Sure

(Video) Uncle Lucius - Keep The Wolves Away (Official Video)

„O Vale“ – Charley Crockett
"Turtles at the Bottom" - Sturgill Simpson
"Born Again" - Tyler Childers

episode eight –I killed a man today

"Me, my bottle and nothing but time" - Gethen Jenkins
"Tell my mom I miss her so much" - Ryan Bingham

episode nine –More cruel than evil

"Snake Eyes" - Ryan Bingham
"The Way of Life" - Garrett Bradford
"You Won't See It Coming" - Kevin Costner & Modern West

episode ten –The world is purple

"I will not drown" - Elle King
"Dead Man's Curve" - ​​Osborne Brothers
"Small town girl" - Lainey Wilson

fourth season

Episode eins -half the money

"Black Sheep" - Hailey Whitters
"Goodbye" - TVA
„Plain To See Plainsman“ – Colter Wall

episode two -Phantomschmerz

„Black Otter Friday Night Intertribal“ – Elenco de Yellowstone
'Hey Delilah' - Brombeerrauch
"Thoughts fly free" - J.A. Maxwell-Saunders
"Deeper in the Woods" - Ross Shifflett
"The Other Side" - Ryan Bingham
"I wish you the best" - Ryan Bingham

episode three -all i see is you

"Sleeping on the asphalt" - Colter Wall
"It's not much" - Ross Shifflett
"Blind Lover" - The Steel Forest
"Come Over" - Music by Pink Shark
"Together in the family" - MIBE
"Cherie" - Thomm Jutz and Peter Cronin
"All I See Is You" - Shane Smith & The Saints
"Caravan of Fools" - John Prine

episode four –win or learn

"All I See Is You" - Shane Smith & The Saints
"Lana" - Bill Anschell
"The Low Road" - Atirador Jennings
"Hands on the wheel" - Willie Nelson

episode five –Under a red blanket

"Brother" - Much by Jo Bring
‘Cowpoke’ – Colter Wall
„All Over The Road“ – Brombeerrauch
"Fly or Cry" - Zach Bryan

episode six –i want to be him

„West Texas In My Eye“ – Die Bettler
"Bottle in my hand" - Gethen Jenkins
„Take It Easy Mama“ – Ryan Bingham

episode seven –Keep the wolves close

(Video) Lainey Wilson - Heart Like A Truck (Official Music Video)

„Cowboy em mim“ – Tim McGraw
"Don't Come Lookin" - Jackson Dean
"Just Memories" - Bill Morgan
„O Poeta“ – Ryan Bingham

episode eight –No kindness to the coward

"It hurt so much" - Jaime Wyatt, Jennings shooter
„Cover Me Up“ – Jason Isbell

episode nine –Not so fair

„Xadrez“ – Honey County
‘Javelina’ – Roter Shahan
"Lieber Rodeo" - Cody Johnson
"It broke my heart sweetly" - John Moreland
„Fidget-Modi“ – Gethen Jenkins
"Hallelujah" - Ryan Bingham
"Brings a lot" - Mo brings a lot

episode ten –Grass on the streets and weeds on the roofs

"Not to be found" - Hayes Carll
"Hit me down" - Wade Bowen
„A Luz“ – Tanner Usrey
„Peace In The Pines“ – Kolton Moore & The Clever Few

Fifth Season

Episode eins -A hundred years is nothing

"Tons de Cinza" - Robert Earl Keen
„Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No.8)“ – Dolly Parton
„Whiskey-Fieber“ – Zach Bryan
"Fire in the Ocean" - Shane Smith & The Saints
„Alex“ – Shane Smith & The Saints
„Dance The Night Away“ – Shane Smith & The Saints
„Happy Hour“ – Hayes Carll

episode two -The Sting of Wisdom

„Cosmopolita“ – Chris Hajian, Andrew Ezrin

episode three -high drink water

"Last Call" - 49 Winchester
"A Parede of Willie Nelson" - Vincent Neil Emerson
"Smells like smoke" - Lainey Wilson
"Out of the Wagon" - Isaac Hoskins

episode four –horses in heaven

"Big Sky" - Bill Anschell
"The Good I Will Do" - Zach Bryan
"New Friends" - Lainey Wilson

(Video) Shane Smith & The Saints - All I See Is You - LIVE from the Desert

episode five –Watch Em Ride Away

„Intertwine“ – Senora May feat. Chloe Edmonstone und Seth Avett
"Lounge de Casa" - Aubrie seller


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